Let G-Shots Create YOUR video for FREE

If you let us post it on YouTUBE we will create your video for FREE, yes that's right we will create your first video with us for FREE, because we know you will come back for more once you see our videos on YouTUBE.

 Let it be a video of your wedding, a valentines present or anniversary, or our what we have done most of, a memorial tribute video in those unfortunate times when a loved one has passed.

We specialize in what can be called emotive video, the kind that brings a tear to the eye, something so moving with descriptive photos, even your existing video to match the lyrics of very appropriate music. 


They say that you can't have it fast, cheap, and good (you can only pick two). Well, I'm the exception; you get all three with me. I have very rapid turn-around times, offer extremely affordable rates, and provide truly superior quality videos.

I'll even do your first YouTUBE video for FREE!!

All YOUR YouTUBE VIDEO needs is digital photographs or digitized video

For quick turn around you can either send us by any conventional means your digitized photographs or video such as old VHS converted to video by someone in your area, we can also scan your photographs or covert your video here but that is a very timely process and we would not risk your precious moments without you first keeping a copy and sending it to us by a secure means or by uploading and downloading to the web for which we can do for the quickest preparation.

You're in Luck: I'm an Independent Artist

Remember I am an independent artist with a unique talent, these are not ordinary slide-shows set to music by some automated process. This is my art and my passion, and I truly love the appreciation my videos elicit when viewed by the families. At no cost to you as we do your first video for free. 

Our latest video is always on YouTUBE.


On YouTUBE http://www.YouTUBE.com/GShotsTV, we have upwards of 200 videos public videos posted there and there are many more private videos which are reserve as us appropriate. You will understand my passion for creating these emotive videos, and why the viewers love my work. I'm a video artist, I like to think of myself as a videographer. I'm not much in web design, all though I created this webpage and one for my other business PACIFIC PASSIONS which can be viewed at http://www.PacificPassions.us.

I'm sure you'll agree that I am the right artist for your needs.

Call today for quickest response via my business phone number: (650) 355-8888
                                                   or after hours via my cellphone# (650) 219-8188
         You can also write me via e-mail at: GShotsTV.Gmail.com
                                                   or "Snail me" at Gary J. Mondfrans
                                                              Pacific Passions/G-Shots TV
                                                                    35 West Manor Drive
                                                              Pacifica, California 94044 USA

Oh, and please do comments on my YouTUBE videos as your comments are very much welcome and appreciated and further encourage me in my endeavors.

We offer to do your first YouTUBE video for FREE!!!

Call today: (650) 355-8888


Sorry, but I am not a webpage designer, it is best to check out my videos on YouTUBE http://www.YouTUBE.com

Check out a sample of my latest work.

Please disregard the other Go Daddy pre-packaged WebPage tonight information, some day when I have more time I either figure out how to add my videos to this page or have someone with more experience in web design to help me out.

I offer a wealth of design experience and services.

Make friends with your artist.


Get to know a bit about me and my love of design.

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